All 124 zip code real estate charts available in the right-hand column have now been updated through August 2009 with the number of home sales, the median home price and the median home price per square foot.

Phoenix median home prices by zip code through August 2009

Phoenix home PRICE trends – No changes

  • West Valley – Generally flat median home prices with a few zip codes showing rising prices
  • Southeast Valley – Most zip codes not showing a leveling off of prices but there are some exceptions
  • Scottsdale Area – Few signs of median home prices leveling off
  • Seasonality – The median home price often falls a bit from September to January. If prices hang tough this fall, that would be a sign of strength for 2010.

Phoenix home SALE trends – Down seasonally

  • Seasonality – The number or home sales closed usually fades from September through January.
  • Cash for Clunkers – Some speculate that the Cash for Clunkers program may have diverted some families away from a home purchase and toward a car purchase in July and August.