I changed the look of this blog once again.

I had just changed it to a fancy modern theme last summer but decided last week to switched back to an updated version of a theme I used way back in the Dark Ages, 2008-2011. It’s called Thesis.

  • Does the retro look bother you?

Since 2011, I’ve changed the theme of this website 3 times, now 4 times. I’m never happy with it.

But on the other hand, some of the biggest websites on the internet are retro as hell like Craigslist and Reddit. So maybe I should just focus on researching and writing stuff.

Here’s why I changed

Simpler navigation. It’s old school so you don’t have to think. You know automatically how to find stuff.

Easier to browse. Having the posts stacked one on top of the other makes it super simple to stumble upon other interesting posts. Just scroll.

Easier commenting. I’ve been all over the place on commenting. I went from using Facebook commenting, to Disqus commenting, to WordPress’s commenting. I like the commenting system that comes with this WordPress theme because it’s so simple so wanted to try it. I want more comments and discussions. People left the traditional blog commenting systems because of spam but I hear it’s not as big a problem now.

Check it out! Leave a comment. :-)

Faster webpage loading. This is a little esoteric but the faster a webpage loads, the better Google likes it. Faster pages tend to rank a bit higher in the Google search results. This lightweight WordPress theme is fast.

Better suited to short posts. On my other website, I have a lot of deep-dive posts but sometimes I just want to make a quick comment. This format is great for short blurbs.

Easier for me. I hope I’ll blog more. Blogs with current posts always look better no matter what theme.

Let me know what you think in the comments

  • I’m I getting old?
  • Is this experiment crazy?
  • What do you think?