UPDATE: I checked out Echo Coffee yesterday and loved it! I don’t normally order foo foo coffee drinks so I went in and ordered a plain old decaf. I was surprised to find that they drip brewed the cup individually! I’ve never seen that before at a Scottsdale coffee bar. The coffee was excellent and hot. The day before I bought a cup of coffee for the same price at my neighborhood coffee joint where I just draw a cup from a large container… and yesterday it wasn’t very hot. At Echo Coffee, the coffee couldn’t be fresher and the flavor was excellent. I’m worried that the economics may not be there for Steve to brew up each cup individually but I’m going to take advantage of it while it lasts. And I didn’t even try the espresso based drinks. I’m more likely to drink espresso in the summer when I don’t want all the heat from an American cup of coffee.

Steve Belt (formerly a full time Realtor) just opened Scottsdale’s newest coffee shop on the northwest corner of Thomas Road and 68th Street in Scottsdale.

I can’t wait to see (and smell) the coffee roasting in person.

Stop by, check out the coffee and say “Hi” to Steve for me!