Last night I added a sign-up form near the upper-right corner of the home page so you can get all these posts via email. I know some folks already subscribe to the RSS feed for this website but I think that’s a little too techy for most of my readers. I think the email option will be a lot more convenient. It’s an experiment. Let’s see how it goes.

I was really looking for a way that you could subscribe via email and be notified when the zip code pages are updated. I haven’t found that yet.

Home Sale News

I plan to phase out my Home Sale News weekly emails and was thinking that if people could sign up on this website to be notified by email whenever I update the zip code data, that that would work well for most of my current readers.

Right now, when you “Subscribe via Email” you only get emailed the “posts” that I add (like this one).

I’m sure some people would prefer to only be notified when I update the zip code sales data and they would prefer to have a link in the email that goes directly to the data for that zip code. I’m not there yet! But I’m looking.