It looks like I’m back in business.

Since removing one of the 2 memory sticks from my 1.5 year old computer on Monday, I haven’t had 1 blue screen of death. My desktop HP has 1 GB of memory total from two 512 MB memory sticks.

I also was having a problem with a failing fan in the power supply. When I called HP technical support on the memory stick problem, I also brought up the fan problem.

Yesterday, they sent out a technician who replaced the power supply and tomorrow I expect to receive the new memory stick by mail. That, I can replace myself.

HP technical support has a horrendous voice menu system that didn’t understand anything I said. Boy, that’s frustrating!

Whenever I did finally reach a human being, they were knowledgable and able to make decisions. All in all, I’m impressed with the people at HP technical support.

By the way, the original tech guy that came out on Monday was not with HP. I paid that guy.