You may have noticed that I’m shifting content from the Home Sale News zip code newsletters as much as possible onto the zip code real estate pages here on Arizona Real Estate Notebook. I’m doing this because of the constant problems I have with delivery of the Home Sale News email newsletters.

They are blocking your emails from Home Sale News

I receive several emails each and every week from subscribers complaining that they are not receiving the Home Sale News newsletters that they used to receive or that they just signed up for.

Nearly always, the person is indeed subscribed and I am dutifully sending them the newsletters each week. They, however, are not receiving the newsletters because their internet service provider (for example, or their online email company (for example, is blocking the Home Sale News newsletters before they reach the person’s email inbox. Cox or Yahoo or whoever is mis-identifying Home Sale News newsletters as spam and stopping them before they hit the person’s inbox.

I’ve been sending out the Home Sale News newsletters since 2001 and the problem is worse now, at least for my newsletters.

Double Opt-In

Home Sale News is, in fact, a double opt-in email newsletter which means 1) you have to subscribe at and then 2) you have to respond to a confirmation email message before you will receive any newsletters.

The New Strategy

To partially get around this problem, I am shifting content online to the zip code real estate notebook pages here at Arizona Real Estate Notebook.

This has 2 advantages.

  1. The less content in the newsletters, the more likely the spam filters will let the newsletters through to your inbox. In addition, I can add as much content as I like to Arizona Real Estate Notebook (for example, the new trend charts) with few problems, whereas if I added that same content to Home Sale News, it would lower the email delivery rate.
  2. More importantly, even if Cox or Yahoo or whoever is blocking your email from Home Sale News, you can get the information you want right here online at Arizona Real Estate Notebook.

The only downside that I can see is that here online only the most current week of home sales data is displayed for each zip code. I know many Home Sale News subscribers like to save the newsletters. If that is what you want and they are currently blocking your emails from Home Sale News, you’ll have to work it out with Cox or Yahoo or whoever to stop blocking your emails from Home Sale News.

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If in the future, your Home Sale News newsletters suddenly stop arriving in your email inbox, you can always come here to get your information.