My older college son turned me on to recently and I love it. You put in an specific artist or a specific song and Pandora plays songs that are similar musically.

I have one “station” based on the singer Seal. It turns out I know most of the other songs Pandora plays and in fact I already own some of the CDs (John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Duncan Sheik). I’m a little chagrined that my musical tastes are so predictable from such a small clue.

I’m most tickled this afternoon with what I found when I created a station based on “Rachmaninoff.”

I only came to appreciate classical music later in life under the influence of Liz, my wife. I don’t know much about classical music but I know I love Rachmaninoff so I created a Rachmaninoff station in Pandora and it has introduced me to a ton of absolutely amazing classical music.

Hmm, I think I’ll see what a “Metallica” station sounds like.