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The Case-Shiller Home Price Index measures home price appreciation.

Phoenix Home Price Appreciation – August 2011 to May 2013

• Low Price Tier = Up 70%
• Middle Price Tier = Up 42%
• High Price Tier = Up 25%

See the price breakpoints for the 3 tiers below the chart.

Phoenix AZ Case-Shiller Home Price Index

Case-Shiller Phoenix July 2013

Lower Priced Homes Gaining on Higher Priced Homes

The difference between the Low Tier and the High Tier has been cut in half since August 2011.

Phoenix Home Price Tier Breakpoints for May 2013

• Low Tier – Up to $158,423
• Middle Tier – $158,423 – $257,125
• High Tier – $257,125 and up

The Case-Shiller Home Price Index (press release) is the best estimate of actual home price appreciation (or depreciation). The downside to the Case-Shiller Index, however, is that it runs a little old, the most current data is only through May 2013.

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Inflation Adjusted Case-Shiller Home Price Index for Phoenix, Arizona

Be aware that there are some problems in applying an index to an index but, nevertheless, the results are revealing.

Case-Shiller Phoenix July 2013 inflation adjusted