I got a comment on a post asking “which zip codes should have the highest appreciation on residential homes in 2014 in the Phoenix metro.”

I haven’t done the research on that… yet.

Average Sale Price and Much More

I suggested to Ann that she check out the interactive price chart on the zip code pages of this website (scroll down to see the zip codes in the right-hand column – the same interactive price chart is on each zip code page), and the real estate market information from ASU.

Months Supply of Homes for Sale

But another key for 2014 will be, I believe, the supply of homes listed for sale. Or more specifically, the rising supply of homes listed for sale in Phoenix. It will vary by zip code.

To help Ann, I created a page showing the months supply of Phoenix homes listed for sale from The Cromford Report. Check it out!

Phoenix housing inventory

? Anybody else think that chart looks a little scary?

Click the link above or on the graphic above to see the latest chart from The Cromford Report.