Liz and Peppy and I were a little early for the fireworks in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, also known as Squaw Peak and Piestewa Peak.

After this very wet winter the mountains are a carpet of green, full of potential for an amazing wildflower season.

Liz hiked Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale this morning with her friend Elsie and Liz said there were some glorious patches of color there.

[Please forgive the wind sounds on this video. There wasn’t much wind so I’m surprised that the wind is so loud on the audio. I don’t know what to do about that. Perhaps there is a setting on the camera. I also spent an hour trying to remove the wind in my video software, Premiere Elements and got frustrated and punted. It was the first time I tried to play with the audio in Premiere Elements. I’ll figure it out next time.]


Liz and I went out to Pinnacle Peak on Sunday and the flowers were glorious. Please go out and see the poppies. They are so beautiful and they only grow during particularly wet winters like this year. It may be several years before we see wild poppies again.

I took more video of the flowers but have had a technical problem. I didn’t like the quality of the video above (and I would like to edit future videos to make them have a quicker pace) so I upgraded to Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 and I can’t get the dang thing to work. I invested several hours into trying to fix it and eventually had to get back to work.

By the time I’m able to get the videos up, the poppies will probably be gone.