My Queen Creek page has been whacked ever since the US Postal Service changed it’s zip code from 85242 to 85142. (Thank goodness the USPS didn’t change the boundaries of the zip code! That really causes a mess.)

After spending most of my Saturday on it, my Queen Creek real estate page looks great (and is accurate) now.

My zip code real estate pages (sometimes called mash-ups) take a bunch of data from different sources and put it all together for easy analysis. But as I add information, the complexity increases. And as the complexity increases, making changes becomes tough.

Yesterday I had to change a lot of HTML code in this website, change a lot of the Perl code used to generate some of the zip code specific features of this website, dive into MySql and make hand changes to 85242/85142 data (which I hate to do because anytime you open it up you have the potential to screw up the entire database), and change the code in ChartDirector that creates my custom graphs. Even after the zip code changed last July, home sales would still show up for the old zip code, 85242, so I added some error checking code to my programs to convert those 85242s to 85142s. For my e-newsletter, I had to create a new email list in my Lyris program for 85142 and copy all the subscribers from the 85242 newsletter to the new 85142 newsletter list program.

Whew! I think I got everything right but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a few bugs are hiding out there. Let me know if you find any bugs.

And by the way, prices look stable in Queen Creek 85142.

(Well, that blew most of my Saturday, now I need to work on sending out my weekly newsletters on Arizona real estate.)