Redfin says the number of homes selling above list price is decreasing. But what about in Phoenix?

This is, obviously, a very early sign that the real estate market MAY have peaked.

Here’s what Redfin says, “In Seattle, the Share of Homes Selling Above List Fell to 30% this Month from 50% a Year Ago”.

Homes Sold Above List Price in Seattle

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Among the metros that Redfin tracks and for the 4 weeks ending September 23, the percentage of homes selling for more than the list price fell from 29% in June to 23%. Part of that decline is seasonal but that 23% was 26% a year earlier.

Okay, the decline isn’t huge, except for in Seattle, Denver, Portland and the Bay Area, but is it a sign of a future trend in Phoenix?


So let’s use Redfin’s data to look at Phoenix right now for single-family homes.

Home Sold Above List Price in Phoenix AZ

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Yeah… I’m not seeing any change in the Phoenix market for homes sold above list price.

Redfin’s data shows that in August, 18% of Phoenix homes that sold, sold above list price. A year ago in August, the number was 17%.

It looks like the market is slowing a lot in Seattle and a little in Los Angeles but no significant changes in Phoenix (yet).