ADDED: This post that was started on Friday has a great discussion in the comments about prepping a home for sale and what to spend money on, so I’m “bumping” this post up to the top so more people will see it. John

The post below on remodeling before selling had a ton of comments.

I invited the commenter, Rob, to send me a photo of the kitchen he was asking about. His question was about replacing a kitchen counter top with granite tile for $3K.

What is your advice for Rob…

In the email that contained the photo Rob said;

Thanks for the quick response to my question regarding the remodel article. The attached pic of my kitchen actually looks good. In person the counters look even worse. The tile I am considering is Benissimo. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s prety neat. Check it out at For my kitchen it’s about 3k vs 7k for granite slab.

The rest of the house is in great shape with new carpet, tile floors, new fire place, remodeled pool, window treatments, newer appliances, etc.


I have some qualms about putting granite on top of the outdated oak cabinets. I don’t know if the oak can support it, monetarily and style wise. Is it (very expensive) lipstick on a pig?

Another concern is that white appliances don’t go with granite in my opinion.

Also, that style of light fixture is a big turn off for a lot of buyers.

Of course it’s hard to give good advice without knowing the home or at least the price range.

I lean towards doing nothing to the kitchen except cleaning the grout if it needs it. Right now, in this photo, the kitchen hangs together style-wise. It may be dated but it looks clean and functional.

If I were to do one thing it might be to replace the light fixture with cans or something more up-to-date. Otherwise, I think we could be looking at a complete makeover for the kitchen. Another option to consider would be to reface the cabinets in addition to adding new counter tops, however, that might make the white appliances look out of place.

It’s a tough one.

If the counter top is damaged and really needs to be replaced, I wonder if a less expensive option than granite would be better.

AZ Short Sales, how would you flip this kitchen?