Public Works Department

When a restaurant has tables and chairs on the sidewalk they are renting the space from the City.

General Obligation Bonds. Money from bond approved by voters in 2000 is running out.

Bond Task Force working on new bond election for next year, November. Info on City website. City would like more public involvement in new Bond Task Force.

Scottsdale provides garbage pick up for commercial property as well but businesses can choose to go with a private collection company like Waste Management.

Water Resources Division

Majority of City of Scottsdale water comes from the Central Arizona Project (CAP). All homes from McCormick Ranch north use CAP water or wells. South of Indian Bend is SRP.

CAP water is the most expensive. Well water is the second most expensive.

“The CAP is the life blood of Scottsdale.”

The vast majority of golf courses in Scottsdale use treated effluent to water their courses.

Some exceptions that were grandfathered in are Pinnacle Peak Country Club, McCormick Ranch Country Club and Starfire Golf Course.

Almost no water comes from wells. Wells are used as back up.

65% to 70% of water in metro Phoenix is used for grass and landscaping.