I don’t normally promote someone else’s listings but I was very impressed by these condo conversions that were on the Heart of Scottsdale Realtor Tour this morning. All the Realtors I’ve spoken to have been very impressed with these Scottsdale condo conversions.

The standard upgrades are high. For example, granite counter tops are standard. I think you can see from the photo below that they did a great job in the conversion.

In some conversions, the developers offer the current tenants the opportunity to buy a unit without any upgrades which can really bring down the property values when those unimproved “comps” are resold. I’m glad they didn’t do that here.

Another thing that really impressed me with these condos was that they are within walking distance to a supermarket and 2 schools. It’s only one block (or less) to a supermarket, drugstore and a few other stores. It’s also within walking distance to Mohave Middle School and Saguaro High School, both Scottsdale School District Schools. I love that convenience!

And it’s less than 2 miles from McCormick Ranch, a much more expensive area. I’ve seen some other condo conversions in the same price range in South Scottsdale that were not done as nicely and which were not located as close to a more expensive neighborhood.

1 bedrooms from $149,000.
2 bedrooms from $206,000.

Overall, there is a huge selection of condos (both conversions and resales) for sale in this general area of Scottsdale and prices are now attractive.

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