You can’t always be gone during showings. If you work at home, you may not be able to leave for all showings. If you have small children and one is napping, you may not want to leave.

Here is why you should leave when you can when your home is being shown – to get your home SOLD.

Buyers will absolutely, positively feel like they are intruding on you, if you are in the home. That’s because the buyers are indeed intruding on you and no matter what you and their Realtor say, the buyers know it. They will rush through your home as quickly as possible.

Buyers won’t want to check out your home thoroughly. They will feel uncomfortable opening closets and cabinets to check their size when you are in the home.

They won’t criticize your home to their Realtor if you are in the home. The buyers will run through, say thank you very much you have a beautiful home, and run out to the next house.

If you weren’t in the house, most buyers would freely criticize the house… and that’s good. Buyers tend to catastrophize minor problems in a home. If, however, they mention their concerns to their Realtor, the Realtor can often explain how the problem isn’t as bad as they feared.

This is not a joke. The buyer may say to the Realtor that the kitchen color is terrible. The Realtor may explain to the buyer that sure the color of the kitchen is ugly but it would only take a fresh coat of paint in a stylish color to make the kitchen look phenomenal.

You want the buyers to hang out in your home as long a possible.

Cool Tip

What would it cost you to keep your home extra cool for a month or two in the summer while it’s up for sale? Perhaps instead of a $200 electric bill you would have $240 electric bill. You should keep your home extra cool while it’s for sale in the summer. It’s a fantastic investment.

Put yourself in place of the buyers. They are going from home to home in the Phoenix heat in the middle of summer. They’re getting in and out of the Realtor’s car several times an hour. The dang car just can’t keep cool with all the opening of doors. The buyers are hot.

Then the buyers walk into a cool home.

The buyers immediately feel relief walking into that cool home. The buyers’ first impression is that this is a refreshing and restful home. You can’t beat that!

Please do not try to save a few bucks by keeping your home too warm in the summer. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Keep it extra cool!