This article from The Canadian Press spotlights how high Florida property taxes are for new owners and part-time residents.

The state’s [Florida’s] Homestead Act and “Save our Homes” amendment gives permanent residents of Florida the first $25,000 of the assessed value of their home tax free and caps the rest of their property tax at three per cent, he said.

That advantage isn’t conferred upon visitors – who end up paying much of the difference.

One of the group’s members, Brissenden said, bought a property with the expectation of paying $3,000 in taxes. But the final bill came to $4,800 – while his next door neighbour was taxed at $1,800.

“It wouldn’t make sense for a Canadian to buy a property in Florida at the moment, even with the dollar,” he said.

Arizona property taxes don’t discriminate against part-time residents or newer homeowners. Arizona welcomes part-time residents and new homeowners and treats them with respect.

In Arizona, Canadian owners are charged the same very low property tax rate as their American neighbors.

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