Home Sale News reader Ryan Horn emailed me with the solution to an annoying problem we were having with our maps.

When you click on the address in a Home Sale News e-newsletter, it is supposed to take you to a Google Map for that address.

But it didn’t always work, however. I had assumed it didn’t work when the street was too new to be in Google Maps.

Ryan said that Home Sale News mapping in his area, 85045, didn’t work on any addresses where the street name was a number, for example, “5th Ave.” And he explained that if I added an “AZ” to the address used in Home Sale News, the problem would be solved!


I’ve already made the change for next week’s issues. Of course, in new subdivisions, Google Maps still doesn’t work great.

If you have any ideas for Home Sale News or Arizona Real Estate Notebook, I would love to hear them! Several improvements to these publications were originally suggested by readers.