I was the head of the marketing department at the Arizona Department of Agriculture a hundred years ago when we developed this orange Arizona Grown logo with the Arizona produce industry.

It’s so cool that it’s still being used all these years later. I just shot this in Albertsons.

Arizona Grown logo on cantaloupes

Good News

The Arizona cantaloupe season just began and it runs May to November.

Why’s that important? Better produce = eat more produce = better nutrition.

Liz a long, long time ago: “Dang, I paid a fortune for this cantaloupe and it’s terrible!”

Me: “It’s February. Cantaloupe are out of season.”

The “Duh” was silent, if I remember the conversation correctly.

Arizona In-Season Produce Calendar

I have an Arizona produce what’s-in-season calendar on my fridge. I could take a photo of it if anyone is interested. The quality of the photo may not be great, however, because the calendar is long and skinny.

Let me know if you would like one.