Scottsdale Planning Department

Tim Curtis, City of Scottsdale Planning Director.

Their One Stop Shop is really good. It’s at Indian School Rd and Drinkwater.

Lots of opportunity for citizen input in development process.

The 10-year General Plan FAILED at the polls in the spring of 2011. The City Council will start on a new General Plan next year and it will be put to a vote in fall 2014.

Most of Scottsdale north of the CAP canal is designated as ESLO, Environmentally Sensitive Lands Ordinance.

Development Review Board meetings open to the public and televised (!).

Lots of email newsletters from City including one for P&Z which comes out weekly.

Digital Map Center on City of Scottsdale website has map overlays with sewer, water and public easements.

Infill more complex the new developments, how it fits with surrounding areas.

If you have any questions about a vacant lot, you can get the story from Planning & Zoning with a phone call.

Neighborhood Resources Department

Graffiti Abatement – 1 full time person on it from City. Goal is to get to it within 24 to 48 hours.

You can borrow a radar gun if you think you have a lot of speeding in your neighborhood.

Residential Safety Survey. Free review of how you can improve the safety of your home.

Mediation Service for neighbors. Free. Barking dogs, overhanging tree limbs, etc. Volunteer mediators.

Operation Fix It. Volunteers help homeowners (typically infirmed) who aren’t able to fix their code violations.

Scottsdale City Call Center, (480) 312-3111. Call for anything related to City of Scottsdale and they forward you EXCEPT emergency services, please call 911.

Scottsdale Transportation Department

Only 3 cities in U.S. rated higher than Scottsdale for being bicycle friendly.

Rubberized asphalt now used on almost all 4 to 6 lane roads through residential areas when they are resurfaced.