I like this.

Write a mortgage where the payment doubles in 2 years but with a large prepayment penalty for 3 years. Genius! Force the the buyers into foreclosure.

That lender is probably out of business now but the originator probably made a fortune on that loan.

Mr. Goldman has volunteered as loan counsellor at San Diego “keep-your-home” events. He was aghast at some of the mortgages people had. “I saw this one truth-and-lending disclosure that showed a retired couple going into a 95% loan-to-value loan and it had a three-year pre-payment penalty,” he said. “Just the truth-and-lending disclosure, which was supposed to be the best estimate of what was supposed to happen, showed their payment going from about US$1,100 to US$2,300 a month, about 23 months after they originated the loan.”