I’m a huge fan of Dr. Kathleen Gurney and financial psychology!

I read her book, “Your Money Personality” a couple of years ago and loved it. She dives into 9 money personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, and how people with different money personalities interact with each other in a relationship. (There can be fireworks… the bad kind.) It’s all fascinating.

Dr. Gurney also explains in her book which personalities tend to be the happiest with real estate investments. Your money personality determines where you’re most satisfied investing. Some day I’ll have to look over her book again and write a long post, “Your money personality and investing in real estate.”

In the meantime, I think you’ll find these videos invaluable.

Part 1

  • “Are you spending the way you want to?”
  • “What makes you anxious about money?”
  • “Our greatest psychological need is security.”

The Financial Psychology Blog mentioned in the video.

Part 2

  • “I don’t know if I can take the risk or not until I lose the money!”
  • “It’s up to me.”
  • “People feel significantly worse about a loss than they do about a gain.”

Part 3

  • “These small steps can add to large financial gains and large psychological gains.”
  • “What I’d be doing is educating my children so I didn’t have the pressure from my children to spend.”

I’m going to add that to my goals, to have enough money to help my grandkids. I’m in no hurry to have grandchildren but I love the goal.

Dr. Kathleen Gurney’s website – Includes a lot of free information, and “Your Money Personality” book and an online money personality test for sale.
The Financial Psychology Blog – Includes a lot of cool posts, including some that mention real estate!