Following on my post/poll on strategic defaults, Victor emails, “I am a subscriber to your email newsletter that I appreciate. I am considering a strategic default on a property I own in Mesa and wonder if you could recommend someone who could advise me about the implications of such a decision.”

Excellent idea! Very smart.

Here’s a general list of Arizona real estate attorneys I put together in 2008 so it’s a little dated.

At Combs Law Group I would recommend checking out real estate lawyer Adam Martinez because I met him at a Realtor function and he was familiar with Arizona Real Estate Notebook so he’s obviously brilliant. I was surprised to learn from Adam how inexpensive an in-person real estate legal consultation was with the Combs Law Group.

Keyt Law has probably the best Arizona real estate law website. You can learn a lot there to start. Meeting with Keyt Law is another good option for you.