If you want to do some remodeling to your home, do it now so you can enjoy it while you are living there because it’s not going to pay for itself.

It not unusual for a homeowner to have a remodeling project they’ve wanted to do for years but they never got around to it. Then right before selling the home, they do it! Don’t do that.

According to this study comparing the cost and value of several typical remodeling projects, none of the projects increased the value of the home enough to cover the remodeling cost.

Preparing your home for sale

There are many things you can do to your home just before selling to increase the value of your home but remodeling is not one of them.

Some things you can do that have a great return on your investment when your are preparing your home for sale are; paint, paint, paint, staging, new landscaping, new light fixtures, new carpeting, floor refinishing, general cleaning and repairs, and new kitchen appliances.