Now you’re working closely with an Arizona real estate agent so buying an Arizona home is starting to look very real, indeed.

Selecting Your Home Criteria

It’s important that your real estate agent completely understand what your goals are in purchasing your home in Arizona;

  • Why you want to buy an Arizona home and how you will use the home
  • Type of home – Single family residence, condo, townhouse or patio home)
  • Price range
  • Location
  • Minimum bedrooms
  • Minimum bathrooms
  • Home size
  • Type and amount of parking
  • Whether the home has a pool or spa
  • Anything else important to you

The better your real estate agent understands your goals, the smoother the purchase will go for you.

Listings That Meet Your Criteria

Your Arizona real estate agent will then email you MLS listings of homes for sale that meet your criteria. Your real estate agent may also ask you if you would like to receive new listings that meet your criteria whenever they hit the MLS.

Fine Tuning Your Criteria

You may find after looking at the homes emailed to you, that you would like to change your criteria; a different location, a different price, a different size, or whatever you like. This is easy for your real estate agent to change for you.

In no time you will narrow down your home search to the best locations and best homes that meet your goals.

Expert’s Tip – Don’t waste time using websites like Zillow to search for homes in Arizona. To increase the number of pages on their websites and their advertising revenue these sites often show homes as being “For Sale” even if the seller has already agreed in writing to sell the home to someone else!

Your Trip to Arizona

Now, it’s time for the real fun to begin. You will want to make a trip to sunny Arizona to buy your new home.

If you have communicated well with your Arizona real estate agent and your real estate agent has worked hard, you will probably to able to find your Arizona home in a couple of days of home shopping. That will leave plenty of time for you to relax by the hotel pool, play golf, go shopping or just enjoy the sunshine.

When You Visit Arizona, Do Your Home Shopping First

Do your home shopping at the beginning of your Arizona holiday.

Although all of the negotiations with the Seller can be done when you are back home in Canada, the negotiations are more likely to be successful if you are still in Arizona and can be reached quickly.

Attending the Home Inspection

In addition, if you can reach an agreement with a home seller early in your trip to Arizona, you may be able to attend the home inspection. It’s always good to be there during the home inspection so you can ask your home inspector questions in person and he can clearly explain what he finds to you. You hire and pay for the home inspector so the home inspector works for you.

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