The U.S. homeownership rate fell again in the fourth quarter of 2014 to its lowest point in over two decades. The latest 63.9 percent ownership rate is down from the bubble peak rate of 69.4 percent. A further drop is likely this year before finally settling down in the upcoming years.
“4th Quarter Homeownership Rate of 2014,”

Homeownership Programs = Total Failure

We’ve seen an unending string of programs to boost homeownership.

They’ve failed spectacularly if you judge their success by their stated idealistic goal of increasing homeownership in the United States. Clearly they’ve been a massive failure using their own homeownership goal.

However, they have been spectacularly successful if you take a more realistic, political view of their goals. The programs have pumped billions of dollars into housing organizations and despite their terrible track record on homeownership the money continues to flow because the real goal is to simply fund the housing organizations.

Best Explanation of Banking/Housing Crisis

Columbia economics professor Charles Calomiris’ book, “Fragile by Design,” does a great job of explaining the political bargain that created this fragile banking system that has led to tremendous home price instability that has decimated the net worth of low and moderate income homeowners.

The current system promoting U.S. homeownership has been responsible for wiping out the net worth of many low and moderate income families.

How would you have liked to have scrimped and saved for years on low wages to buy your family a home and then to have the home lose 80% of its value in the real estate bust?