This is an article from last Saturday that appeared in The Edmonton Journal.

I certainly agree that the stars are aligning for Canadians to invest in Arizona real estate.

Here’s another reason to consider buying U.S. vacation or retirement homes, he says: “Canadian cottage prices are nearly going through the roof.”

At Sylvan Lake, some properties are selling for $1 million or more, Wruk says. “People can sell there, buy here (Phoenix, Ariz.) for $500,000, and put the difference in their pocket.”

U. S. law requires the filing of an estate tax return for anyone who dies holding more than $60,000 worth of U. S. property, Wruk says. But actual taxation applies only if the estate exceeds $2 million.

Canadians who earn U.S. rental income must report such income in both countries, Ritchie says. If they pay U. S. income tax, however, they can claim a foreign tax credit on their Canadian return to avoid double taxation.

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