The median price of Valley home sold last month was about $250,000. The median price of a home listed in July was almost $275,000.

Data from Jim Sexton, president of John Hall & Associates, shows in July there was one of the narrowest spreads between the prices of homes sold since April 2005. It’s a sign for a potential pickup in home sales because sellers and buyers expectations are more in sync.

Pricing a home is a very emotional decision. For many people the value of their home gets mixed up with their own self worth.
It’s strange.

When I sell a car I’ll have a price I want. If it doesn’t sell after a while sure I get a little ticked, because it’s priced fair, but what are you doing to do? I cut the price anyway until it eventually sells. This is not rocket science.

Homes have a ton more emotion involved which doesn’t help the home get sold.

Escrow agent, husband convicted

Former Valley title agent Anna Solis and her husband, Oscar Solis, have been convicted of theft and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison and ordered to pay $48,947 in restitution.

Earlier this year, the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions barred Anna Solis from the escrow or mortgage business after an investigation showed she diverted more than $500,000 out of almost 50 home sales between 2005 and mid-2006.

A statement from the Arizona Attorney General’s office said Anna Solis would inflate the refinance amount on a customer’s HUD statement, which doesn’t require the borrower’s signature. She would submit the statement with the inflated figure to the title agency, which would then issue a check to cover the difference between the two figures. Solis would take the check and give it to her husband, who would forge the signature of the borrower and cash it.

Good! And isn’t it interesting that Cathrine didn’t mention the firm Solis worked for?