Many Arizona vacation home buyers want to use their vacation home for a few weeks or a month or so in the winter but would also like to make a little cash on the property when they aren’t using it.

If renting your Arizona vacation home for a few months in the winter is your goal, you definitely need to buy an Arizona home in an area where monthly rentals are not uncommon.

Scottsdale is the center of winter activities in the Phoenix area and Scottsdale has a ton of monthly winter rentals so that is one area you will want to check out.

There aren’t a lot of property management companies that handle monthly rentals. If you know of some, please drop their names in the comments.

And I know of only one Scottsdale condo complex that has on-site property management for monthly rentals. If you know of other condo complexes with on-site monthly (or weekly) property management, I would appreciate it if you mentioned them in the comments.

Of course, many homeowners associations don’t allow monthly rentals so watch out for that when you are looking for properties.

The gist of all this is that you yourself will likely end up being the property manager for your winter rental.

Where to find renters for your Arizona winter rental

The last 2 were recommended to me by Scottsdale condo Realtor Dan Weldon of Realty Executives. Dan has a Scottsdale investment rental of his own that he rents month to month.

Keep in mind that after a year or two you will have a lot of repeat customers so that, for example, the Smiths from Calgary take February every year and so on.

And of course, you may end up finding a lot of renters among your friends, family and co-workers.