Here is some useful information that will help you create a do-it-yourself Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) for your Arizona home.

1) Sold Homes – Finding prices of homes sold in Arizona

Home Sale News

If you subscribe to Home
Sale News
and study it carefully each week, after a few months
you will have an EXCELLENT idea of the value of your home.

Arizona Real Estate Notebook

You can also see individual Arizona homes sold online at Arizona Real Estate Notebook. This web site has a ton of data, charts and graphs about the metro Phoenix real estate market and the real estate market in 125 Phoenix area zip codes. The web site is invaluable for both Arizona home buyers and Arizona home sellers.

If you’re in a hurry, try
which has recent home sales by zip code. It doesn’t have the detail
of Home Sale News, or Arizona Real Estate Notebook but their sales data goes back 12 months which is very useful.

You can find comps in your neighborhood from a map at

It’s nice to work off a map but their comps are a bit old. I’m seeing homes that closed 3 to 4 months ago. At Home Sale News, and the homes sold data is only about 3 weeks after closing.

BEWARE: Zillow home value estimates, which they call "Zestimates," are not very good. They are just ballpark estimates of your home’s value.

Zillow itself says that 39% of Zillow home value estimates are off by 10 percent or MORE in Phoenix Arizona.

That means if your home is worth $400,000, there’s a 39% chance Zillow will tell you your home is worth $440,000 or MORE, or $360,000 or LESS.

It’s a huge loss of money, obviously, when a home seller sets the sale price too low by 10% or MORE. But it is often very expensive as well when a home seller sets the sale price too high by 10% or MORE. (Call me to explain why.)

Maricopa County Assessor

If you want information on the sale of an individual home in your
neighborhood, you’re best bet is the website of the Maricopa
County Assessor
. Their website, however, isn’t as up-to-date as
Home Sale News, or

2) For-Sale Homes – Finding homes for sale prices in Arizona

The value of your home is also affected by the asking prices of Arizona
homes for sale that are comparable or competitive to your home. The final sale price,
of course, can be more or less than the asking price.

Nevertheless, you should know what your competition is asking for
their homes because it affects how much you can get for your home.

There are many websites online that show Arizona homes for sale.
Here are two of the best, if I do say so myself, 1) Phoenix MLS – Search by Neighborhood and 2) Phoenix MLS – Search on a Map.

3) Or ask for a professional CMA – Do it the easy way

Are you ready to sell your home using a Realtor?

Please call me or fill out this form to request a hand made Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) report of your home’s market value.