One of my favorite commenters on this blog, emailed to ask why I no longer allow comments.

That’s a good question I’ve been meaning to explain here.

Are Blog Comments Useful?

I was doing a makeover of this blog/website anyway and I had long doubted the usefulness of comments.

I had some very intelligent commenters to be sure but I got tired of the “You’re stupid” comments.

Anyway, for a long time I wanted to spend less time on the internet and more time helping actual clients.

The killer was that I went back over 5 years and hundreds of comments and found only one gentleman who I actually ended up doing business with.

Downside of No Comments on Blog

Now, not having comments may lower my ranking in the search engines, I don’t know. So, that could be a cost.

And how I handled comments may have shown prospective clients a bit of my personality and help them decide whether they wanted to do business with me. I plan, however, to continue to do more video and video does a far better job of letting people see my personality, such as it is.

No Blog Comments

So I deleted all comments and closed down future comments.

And honestly, it’s helped me focus my attention on the people I’m working with.