I met Becky Feola of Assisted Living Advantage in person last week. She’s delightful. And I felt a bit calmer meeting Becky because I knew I wouldn’t be alone, that I would have an expert I could talk to, if I ever needed advice about how to best care for a declining loved one.

I remembered the dissension in my family when my mother was declining in the early 1990’s. It wasn’t pretty. My brother and sister who still lived here in our hometown of Phoenix (like my mother) felt that only they understood the gravity of the situation and us sibs living out of state had no idea… Not pretty.

There were so many variables in the situation, so many moving parts, so much we knew we didn’t know, that it we were lost.

If you are in that situation, you are not alone. Give Becky a call at (480) 419-4202. She says the first phone consultation is free.

And please let me know what you think of Becky’s services, good or bad.