I’m totally psyched about this! (I’m such a geek!)

My zip code graphs now all begin in January 2000. The 124 zip codes covered are listed in right-hand column or at the bottom of this page.

This is GREAT because it gives us 2+ more “normal” years of home-sale data to look at which gives us a much longer baseline of what “normal” looks like. I think you’ll find the graphs fascinating… if you’re a numbers person like me, anyway.

My zip code graphs used to start in August 2002 which was when I started buying raw data of every home sold in Maricopa county. Not only was mid-year 2002 a weird place to start, it was just before the Phoenix real estate boom really took off so we didn’t have a lot of baseline pre-boom years to compare with 2011 Phoenix area home sales and home prices.

Change Log

  • Added homes sold from January 2000 through July 2002.
  • Graphs are about 50% larger.
  • I did a much better job of removing new homes from these resale home graphs.
  • I make it more clear that data does NOT include homes purchased by business entities such as corporations, LLCs and trusts. The graphs look at the market from an individual home buyer’s point of view.
  • Rearranged the order of the graphs.
  • Updated the data point colors.
  • Removed the graphs of individual homes sold in the previous month.

You’ll find no better way to understand the Phoenix real estate market in your zip code than to study your zip code graphs. Available Phoenix area zip codes are listed in the right-hand column or at the bottom of this page.

For my clients and the clients of my referral partners, I also have graphs where you can easily compare two zip codes to each other, you have two zip codes are on the same graph. The comparison graphs has been very valuable in forecasting which zip codes are more likely to see continued price declines. You can visually compare historical relationships between the median home prices in two zip codes to get insight into future median home price trends. If you are a current or past client and would like to see those comparison graphs, please let me know.

Email me your comments on the new graphs at john at johnwake dot com. Thanks!