I just finished a major project to add a zip code map to each of the Zip Code Real Estate Notebook pages.

Maps of Individual Zip Code Boundaries

I understand the market a ton better when I see exactly where the homes are located that are generating the statistics on the Real Estate Notebook pages. The maps give me a solid “anchor” for each zip code.

I hope you will agree that adding the zip code maps was invaluable.

These zip code maps are found nowhere else on the web! I had to create each one myself.

You would think – I certainly did – that the U.S. Post Office would have zip code maps online that I could link to. Unfortunately, I could never find any. In fact, I couldn’t find any source for individual zip code maps online. So I created them myself.

One Map of Phoenix Zip Code Locations

In addition, I created an overview map of metro Phoenix zip codes.

The general location of the each zip code is given with a blue marker. Click on the blue marker (blue map pin) and you’ll see a link which will take you to the Real Estate Notebook for that zip code.

I expect this map to be especially helpful to people who aren’t familiar with where Phoenix zip codes are located… that’s pretty much everyone.

You can click on the mini-map or the text link in the right-hand column to see the Phoenix / Scottsdale Zip Code Map.

These maps don’t include Pinal county zip codes.

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