Arizona #7 for Job Growth
Arizona 7th in Job Growth

Phoenix #4 for Job Growth

Growing up in Phoenix, I thought Phoenix would always be the top 1, 2 or 3 metro area for job growth.

It was a point of pride for Phoenix. It was trumpeted in the local newspapers, television stations and chambers of commerce. And I kind of took it for granted. Maybe I was a little smug about it.

Then the Great Real Estate Bubble burst and Phoenix economic growth became… well, terrible. We were #23 out of the top 23 metro areas for job growth in 2010.

Now, it looks like the Phoenix economy is finally putting the Great Real Estate Bubble in its rear view mirror. It took awhile. 10 years.

I don’t know if Phoenix will ever get back to the economic growth of its younger days but I kind of miss those annual headlines about Phoenix being #1 or #2.

Phoenix Employment Growth

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