Impromptu interview (2016) with my dog friend Larry Neaman of Nova Home Loans about down payment assistance programs in metro Phoenix.

A bunch of us dog people get together in the neighborhood park most evenings. Larry and I were the first ones there last night so I thought I would take advantage of it and pick his brain another time about down payment assistance programs.

The German Shepherd is Larry’s dog, Maiya. My 6-pound pretty papillion, Abby, didn’t make it into the video. She was probably at my feet begging to get picked up. Abby is great at only one thing, being held. It’s her superpower.

Larry’s phone is 480-500-3005.

Feel free to call Larry and pick his brain, too.

P.S. My phone was running out of juice. That’s why at the end the video stopped but the audio didn’t. Larry was saying at the end that Canada has 2 seasons – winter and mosquitoes. :)