The fall of the US dollar in relation to the Canadian dollar makes Arizona homes cheaper for Canadians.

How much cheaper? Here’s what Arizona homes prices look like to Canadians.

Let’s start with the largest city in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix.


This is how Phoenix home prices look to Arizonans.


If we convert those prices into Canadian dollars, this is what Phoenix home prices look like to Canadians.



Let’s look at another city, Scottsdale. Here is the median home price in Scottsdale priced in US dollars.


The view from Canada makes those spectacular vistas of Pinnacle Peak look even more awesome.


Sun City West

We can’t leave out the West Valley. Here is Sun City West priced in US dollars.


It’s a bit shocking to look down on Sun City West with the eyes of a Canadian. The median home price looks pretty dang good!

[Note:This data comes from ASU and they didn’t publish data every month until 2005.]

I hope you can see what all the excitement is about.

Arizona real estate is a bargain for Canadians right now at the current exchange rate. The exchange rate hasn’t been this good for Canadians since 1976.

People like to say real estate is location, location, location. I like to say that sometimes timing, timing, timing is more important than location, location, location.

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P.S. And Arizona has Wayne Gretsky and Steve Nash.