The Arizona Republic tried something new today.

They have a sidebar to Catherine Reagor’s article promoting, “View a video of Catherine Reagor discussing Valley home prices at”

I love that they are trying new stuff.

Unfortunately, the video is nearly impossible to find.

There are over 100 links on the page they refer you to! Over 100!

I figured if they promoted the video on the Arizona Republic the link would be at the top of the page or somehow the video would be easy to spot. No way.

I gave up on finding it after a minute of searching. I even tried to find it using the search feature. No luck.

Then I found it searching for “prices” using the “Find on this page” feature of my Firefox browser.

Right now, the link text is “Valley home prices” and it’s located in the third column. It’s the second link below the photo of the guy with a basketball.

They couldn’t have done a better job of hiding the link. Or perhaps they could’ve said, “Somewhere on you’ll find a link to…”

Nevertheless, real estate wonks will want to check out the video if only to see Catherine Reagor in action.

By the way, if I could have linked you directly to the video, a la, I would have. Unfortunately, is not set up that way. You have to go to their page and click on the specific video link. If used the style of linking, would have been a huge failure.