Don’t miss this if you were ever interested in foreclosures.

“It’s the most dangerous way there is to buy a piece of real estate,” warned David S. Absher, president of Dual Arch International, whose Modesto firm auctions foreclosed properties daily on the steps of the Stanislaus County Courthouse.

“When you buy a house at auction, it comes with no guarantees whatsoever,” Absher said. “All you get before you bid is a sidewalk view of the property.”

So, if the inside has been gutted by fire, trashed by vandals or stripped of appliances, fixtures and cabinets by previous owners, you’re out of luck.

“It happens all the time,” Absher said.

Now, this article is for California foreclosures so when it says foreclosures typically take 4 months it’s a good bet it’s less than that in Arizona.