I have this sore throat and cough that I just can’t shake. I think it’s going around because my older son at ASU had it in September and my younger son at Saguaro High School had it in October.

I got it a couple of weeks ago and it really didn’t bother me. I worked right through it.

I thought I shook it completely but it came back last Tuesday stronger than ever and cut my productivity in half, at least. I think there was a low grade fever involved – they don’t bug you at first but after several days, you’re wiped out.

Yesterday, I finally remembered the obvious. I got the large humidifier we haven’t used in more than a year out of the garage, and Liz bought me a hot humidifier for the bedroom.

Man, what a difference! Today, my coughs are… shall we say… a lot more “productive.” I feel better already, like this will be the last day of the cold, tomorrow will be the recover day and I’ll be back at full speed on Wednesday.