I’ve had a sore throat and cough since last Tuesday and I just can’t shake it. It’s been a drag so it was great to hear the good news from fellow Realtor Doris Bell that I was quoted in the East Valley Tribune today!

The article entitled, “Dollar parity lures Canadian home buyers” starts and ends with a quotes from little old me.

” This is a phenomenal time,” Scottsdale real estate agent John Wake said. ” The exchange rate hasn’t been this low since 1976, so these (homes) are really big bargains for them.”

It’s like a faucet turned on about a month ago and calls from Canadians started flowing in, Wake said.

When the faucet turned on, I decided to make a web site to help Canadians and Brits buy Arizona homes, How To Buy Arizona Real Estate, which is now up and running.

Misty Williams’ article in the Trib ends with;

“Canadians buying up Arizona homes aren’t going to save the market, but it should help, Scottsdale real estate agent John Wake said. ” There’s a hope riding on Canadian business,” he said. ” We’ll see what happens.”

Canadians will be a small but growing market for Arizona homes this year.

The growing Canadian market is quite serendipitous and I’m thankful for it.