The has an article today on selling your home during the December holidays.

FOR SELLERS. December may be better in Phoenix than in other markets but still December is the weakest month for home sales in metro Phoenix. You may want to consider putting your home on the market in January instead of December.

That is unless your area of metro Phoenix is a strong market for second home buyers. Some second home buyers will be active in December because they want to close on the house in time to live in it during the winter. You don’t see the same or any slump in sales in December in those sub-markets.

FOR BUYERS. December is the best month of the year for bargain shoppers.

Some sellers will get scared in December. They will have had few if any showings in November and December and they just plain get scared. Scared sellers are a lot more likely to accept less than market price for their homes.

Once January rolls around and they start getting showings again, they lose some of that fear and they’re less likely to accept underpriced offers.