This story about Google mapping some popular trails in the Grand Canyon reminded me of my adventures there.

I worked my way through ASU working for the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management during the summers. I was on the Globe Hot Shots fire crew one summer and a BLM helicopter fire crew out of Kingman another summer.

And one summer I worked at Tusayan, just south of Grand Canyon National Park. I became friends with a co-worker, a Havasupai guy, Loren Sinyella, and I went up to the Grand Canyon to visit many times after the summer job was over.

Once while hiking in the Grand Canyon with Loren we ran out of water because a 2-day hike accidentally turned into a 3-day hike when we missed our trail out. (We should have brought a map – we were pretty stupid and smoking may have been involved as well.)

Anyway, after finally reaching the South Kaibab Trail we had to ask people for drinks of water. I’m still amazed at who would and wouldn’t give us drinks.

I was amazed by one gray haired old lady because she was the oldest person we ran into on the South Kaibab but she was also the most generous with giving us drinks of water.

I also remember a young hippie guy that strictly refused to give us any water at all. That was not what I expected from a hippie.

Most people would at least give us a little water until we got hydrated.

BTW, I was thirsty for several days after that hike no matter how much I drank.