I’m becoming worried by all the high-rise and medium-rise apartment projects the Scottsdale City Council has approved. Almost 7,000 new apartments have already been approved by the Scottsdale City Council.

Some of the projects mentioned in this Arizona Republic story have buildings that will be 5-stories, 7-stories and 11-stories high. 11-stories!

I wish I had a map of the locations and heights. Let me know if you know of one.

6 candidates are running for 3 open seats on the Scottsdale City Council

They are split into 2 coalitions of 3 candidates each. I’ll call them the pro high-rise group and the anti high-rise group.

I’ve only been looking into this for a few hours but right now I plan to vote for the anti high-rise group. (I hope they aren’t too crazy on other issues.)

Anti High-Rise Scottsdale City Council Candidates

• Guy Phillips

• Joanne “Copper” Phillips

• Chris Schaffner

[Note: To help you remember their names when voting, alphabetically, they are the last 3 candidates.]

More Info

Arizona Republic article on the Scottsdale City Council Candidates.

If you want to follow the money, you can see who’s donating money to each candidate on their Scottsdale City Council Campaign Finance Reports. Tell me if you find anything interesting.

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