It’s almost cool here! Rain. Green. It’s lovely in Denver.

I’m at a meeting of successful Realtors from across the United States and Canada. One of the main topics is cutting expenses.

Most of these Realtors have teams so the most common way to cut expenses is to cut team members. A cut from 10 to 7 team members is common. The largest I heard was a team in Alaska that peaked at 17, is now at 7 and headed to 5.

No expense is too small to attack. A Realtor in Maine was ticked about a fee on her phone bills. The phone company said it was a federally mandated fee so she said, “Okay, then you pay it” and the phone company agreed.

Virtual assistants are becoming more popular. You usually pay virtual assistants by the job, not by the hour, so if closings are down X%, your payments to your virtual closings coordinator are down X% as well.

Cutting Expenses

I’ve been on a cost cutting jag myself.

Next, I’ll be cutting out the “Looking Glass” emails of homes for sale. If you are one of the few but active users who currently receive the “Looking Glass” emails, you’ll be contacted soon to see if you would like us to help you transfer over to our main site for homes for sale, Our “Looking Glass” account will be discontinued soon.

Look for more exciting cost cutting soon!

On the other hand, I will be increasing expenses in other areas that will significantly improve the service we provide our Arizona home buyer and Arizona home seller clients.