Speaking of cutting expenses, some readers have already noticed that I no longer have the zip code Home Listing Charts. Sayonara.

Unofficial Charts Gone

It was neat to have charts of home MLS listings trends on this web site. At the time I added those charts, they were really the only way for me, personally to see Arizona MLS listing trends. In addition, I could put those charts on this web site at no extra cost. So I got to see the charts and so did you.

One problem with those charts was that they were NOT based on official MLS data. The charts were based on estimates of MLS data!

Better Data. Better Analysis.

Recently, new official MLS charts were released. They’re free to me as a member of the MLS and they’re amazing! They give me the information I need to understand what’s happening in the Phoenix real estate market at a very detailed level and they are extremely valuable when doing custom analysis for my Arizona home buyer and Arizona home seller clients.

Unfortunately, I can’t put the new official MLS charts on this web site. Bummer! If you really, really want to see the official MLS charts, non-MLS members can subscribe to the online service for $300 per year.

If you are a client of mine, don’t worry. We would be happy to analyze the charts together with you when we meet in the office.