by Phoenix attorney Christopher A. Combs, partner with Combs Law Group, P.C.

Question: We have been renters in a Mesa apartment complex for more than eight years. During the last four years there has been constant turnover of apartment managers, office staff, and maintenance workers. Yesterday I received a flyer that had been placed around the doorknob of our apartment stating that someone would be entering all of the apartments in the next two weeks whether we were home or not. No reason or time was given. I find this flyer outrageous because I believe that I should have been notified personally, and that a reasonable time set should be for someone to enter our apartment. There was no stated emergency. I am especially concerned because I am a book and coin collector, and I have valuable jewelry, including family heirlooms, in our apartment. What are my rights?

Answer: Under Arizona law, unless there is an emergency, a landlord must give two days notice before entering a rental property, and can only enter at reasonable times. Therefore, I would suggest that you immediately contact the apartment manager, and demand a written notice stating the time and date for any reasonable entry into your apartment. Note: If the flyer on your door knob could reasonably be calculated to give you notice of entry, this flyer should be sufficient notice.