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The Case-Shiller Home Price Index measures home price appreciation (and depreciation).

Phoenix Home Price Appreciation – July 2011 to July 2012

• Low Price Tier = up 33%
• Middle Price Tier = up 20%
• High Price Tier = up 12%

See the price breakpoints for the 3 tiers below the chart.

Phoenix AZ Case-Shiller Home Price Index

Phoenix Home Price Tier Breakpoints for July 2012

• Low Tier – Up to $126,856
• Middle Tier – $126,856 – $211,363
• High Tier – $211,363 and up

The Case-Shiller Home Price Index is the best estimate of actual home price appreciation (or depreciation). The downside to the Case-Shiller Index, however, is that it runs a little old, the most current data is only through July 2012.

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