This was my first update since I succeeded in creating the first charts on January 1. It’s a pretty complex process! I gotta figure out a simpler way to update the charts of the median home price, median home price per square foot and number of homes sold, by month and by zip code in metro Phoenix.

I also updated the individual homes sold by zip code. I am now showing closings from December 28 to January 4. I’ll send out Home Sale News tomorrow and it will also have the individual home sales by zip code.

I haven’t been promoting the new Zip Code Notebooks yet because they are still in flux.

In particular, I would like to add little zip code maps to each Zip Code Notebook page. That would be very useful for home buyers and home sellers… but it will also be very labor intensive for me to create the maps.

In addition, I’m searching for a better MLS vendor to supply the new MLS listings information you see when you click the link near the top of each Zip Code Notebook page.